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Crisis pregnancy centers typically advertise as providing medical services and then use anti-abortion propaganda, misinformation, and fear and shame tactics to dissuade women facing unintended pregnancy from exercising their right to choose.

This sub-grantee uses a locally developed curriculum entitled “Why Wait?

This Committee must make sure that all instructional material complies: [W]ith state law and state board rules emphasizing abstinence before marriage and fidelity after marriage, and prohibiting instruction in: Curricula must be adopted after “an open and regular” school board meeting in which parents and guardians have an opportunity to testify about the curricula.

Parents or guardians must give written permission in order for a student to participate in any form of sexuality education. See Utah State Code 53A-13-101, Utah Administrative Rule R277-474, and the Health Education Core.Back to Top Recent Legislation Legislation Restricts Existence of Clubs Related to “Human Sexuality” on School Grounds House Bill 236, introduced in January of 2007, allows schools to limit or deny authorization of school building use to a club if the club involves “human sexuality.” The bill defines clubs that “involve human sexuality” as “presenting information in violation of laws governing sex-education, advocating or engaging in sexual activity outside of legally recognized marriages or forbidden by state law, or presenting or discussing information relating to the use of contraceptive devices or substances, regardless of whether the use is for purposes of contraception or personal health.” The bill passed in both the House and the Senate and was signed into law by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr., on March 9, 2007.Back to Top Events of Note SIECUS is not aware of any recent events regarding sexuality education in Utah.The Utah Department of Health oversees this funding and provides grants to seven sub-grantees: Bear River Health Department, Colors of Success, Community Building Community Initiative of Midvale City, Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake, Tooele County Health Department, Wasatch City-County Health Department, and Worldwide Organization of Women.An advisory council consisting of staff from the Utah Department of Health and sub-grantee organizations provides guidance on the programs.Current Court Battles Our legislative advocates are a constant presence in federal and state governments, working with policy makers to ensure the necessary laws exist to protect our civil rights.