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Cardboard container Carded Carded, say Cardholder's problem Cardholder's woe Cardiff citizens Cardiff Giant or Piltdown Cardigan creators Cardigan's found in this school, as reported Cardigans, e.g.

Cardinals' team letters Cardinals' wear Cardinals, on scoreboards Cardio : heart :: ___ : e Cardio choice Cardio option Cardio workout option Cardiological concern Cardiologist's concern Cardiologist's exam Cardiologists' concerns Cardiology concern Cardplayer's oxymoron Cards Cards and others Cards and Reds Cards for the clairvoyant Cards once traded for Geh Cards traded for Musials, Cards up one's sleeve? Cards, on the scoreboard Cardsharp's goal Cardsharp's technique?

Cardinal's insignia Cardinal's letters Cardinal's nest? Cardinals great Brock Cardinals great ___ Brock Cardinals' gathering plac Cardinals' home: Abbr.

C ___C&W channel C&W singer Tritt C&W singer Wooley C&W's Mc Entire C's in shop class? C-shaped gadget C-word looks extremely inadequate - one's for hanging!

C, alternatively C, F and GC, say C-3PO or R2-D2C-3PO, e.g., for short C-3PO, for one C-DC-D-G, e.g.

Caps Caps Lock neighbor, on a Caps on the Clyde Caps; outdoes Capsicum Capsize Capsize - invalidate Capsized Capsized, with "over"Capsizing Capstone Capsular, biologically Capsule Capsule contents Capt. Car trunk item Car trunk item, maybe Car TV programme Car until 1957Car used as a taxi Car wash aid Car wash application Car wash device Car wash employee Car wash gear Car wash item Car wash machines Car wash need Car wash option Car wash supply Car weight without fuel o Car whose logo has four r Car whose name is an acro Car with "three deuces an Car with a bar Car with a bar, perhaps Car with a big carrying c Car with a dragon in its Car with a folding roof Car with a griffin in its Car with a horse collar g Car with a logo of four r Car with a meter Car with a name that's La Car with a rear door Car with an acronymic nam Car with an innovative "r Car with parts of boot?

Capitol figure Capitol fliers Capitol Hill doings Capitol Hill figure Capitol Hill gofers Capitol Hill helper Capitol Hill prize Capitol Hill prizes Capitol Hill V. P.: Abbr Capitol Hill wheeler-deal Capitol Hill worker Capitol Hill worker: Abbr Capitol Lake locale Capitol Records owner Capitol Records' parent c Capitol site, with "the"Capitol toothpaste? Capri, e.g., to a Capriot Capri, for one Caprice Capricious Capricious desire Capricious idea Capricorn's symbol Caprine; lecherous Capriole Capris? Car route giver Car safety device Car safety feature, for s Car scar Car seat securer Car security device Car seller's comment at t Car set off with new parts Car similar to a Grand Am Car since 1949Car since 1989Car starter: Abbr. Car that "beats the gasse Car that comes with a dri Car that made its debut a Car that was always black Car that was the subject Car that won the 1939 and Car that's "really lookin Car thieves' door opener Car to remain outside flash American home Car tower Car tower, maybe Car trace changing one's own mind?

Career Day Speaker #1: Me Career diplomat Philip Career division, in sport Career Golden Slam winner Career home runs, e.g.

Care Care about artist - a magician's daughter Care about the rise of American influence Care and protection Care facilities in busy Somerset hospital Care for Care for and protect Care for during childhood Care for during upbringing Care for leader of rugby team forced into temporary accommodation Care for less than a shilling in old money Care for Royal inside — become widely discussed Care for, with "to"Care given preparing beef CARE packages, say Care what impatient driver might do Care, slangily Care-less attitude Cared Cared for Cared for a home while th Cared for lovingly Career criminals?

CC & W channel C & W's Mc Entire C follower C in a C scale, e.g.

C minor and others C minor, for one C or GC ration replacer C relative C sharp C sharp equivalent C substitute C to C#, e.g.

Carnival show Carnival sideshow feature Carnival sight Carnival sights Carnival site Carnival staple Carnival treat Carnival treats Carnival tune Carnival units Carnival weirdo Carnival's promise Carnival's setting Carnival's stock-in-trade Carnivals Carnivore Carnivore eats English lamb leaving the head in a vessel Carnivore's length added to value Carnivore's love Carnivores Carnivorous animal - teardrop Carnivorous fish Carnivorous fish also cal Carnivorous insect Carnivorous mammal Carnivorous plant Carny booth prize Carol Carol Burnett character Carol Burnett, by birth Carol contraction Carol ending?