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And when her six-year-old starts drumming with a spoon on a tin can, she can stand no more. How she wants to run away and leave it all, and have a little peace! The pain is left-sided today: last time it was on the right side, as she remembers. She has to hold on to the edge of the wash-tub to prevent herself from screaming. Nothing but dull indifference, weariness and suffering. But there are the clothes to be ironed, cooking to be done, the stuffiness, the terrors of her restless children, with their noise and fidgeting. Her dull face has lost its contour, its bloom, and its pleasing lines. Sepia is predominantly a female’s remedy with some exceptions.

She snatches the tin can and hurls it away, and smacks her small son which does not improve matters. If she could only go away from everybody and everything, and lie alone, in the dark, and close her eyes! There are horrifying brown bands or blotches on the forehead, and saddlewise across the nose and cheekbones. Women needing this remedy are usually strong and hardy until they are overstressed.

Many women’s health issues are addressed with this remedy.