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While experts agree the surest way to a flawless room is trial and error, there are a few rules to keep in mind as you design your setup.

So read on to find out what three home design pros say are the tricks of their trade. Area Rugs Belong Under Furniture Former HGTV host and celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis says that "you want to expose some flooring, but for the most part, go big—almost as big as the seating area, or whatever area you're working with." An undersize rug will make a small room seem smaller and a large room look disconnected.

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"If your room has French doors, place your bed opposite them." Or use an available corner nook.Having a small room presents a big challenge for bed placement, warns Surmelis, but placing the side of the bed against the wall is a good option. The Higher the Curtains, the Better "Go as high as you can possibly go," Surmelis says.Place the rug underneath at least the first set of legs of your bed, couch or chairs to create a cohesive look, he explains.Los Angeles–based celebrity designer Nicole Sassaman agrees: "Rugs typically look better when all the furniture is on them." 2.All experts agree angling a dresser in the corner not only looks bad, but wastes space.

"Placing a dresser in a corner creates a weird, dead space behind it—like a black hole," Valencich says. If placing it off-center, put another piece of furniture next to it to achieve balance, she adds. Hang Paintings and Mirrors in Relation to the Rest of the Furniture "People have a tendency to hang pictures too high," Sassaman says. So when putting it over a piece of furniture, hang it 24 to 36 inches above, though that rule varies depending on the height of the artwork itself.

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