Ann coulter and bill maher dating

Coulter was scheduled to give a speech at the university on April 27, but the university canceled it Wednesday, citing security concerns.In recent months, the campus has been the site of several political protests, some turning violent.

School officials ultimately stuck by Maher, allowing him to speak.[The Berkeley rally aftermath: Mass arrests, a stabbing and weaponized Pepsi] “They got their act together and I wound up doing it, and apparently that’s what’s going to happen to (Coulter), I think,” Maher said. It doesn’t mean just shut up and agree with me.” Cupp agreed with Maher.Society is split into sides and factions, some holding onto the different ideologies that define their lives and others hold on to nothing but the desire to please themselves regardless of who may get hurt in the process. Ann Coulter is one woman who has made a name for her controversial lines of thought and speech.Ann Coulter was born December 8 in the year 1961 in New York City to an FBI agent/conservative John Vincent Coulter and his wife Nell Husbands Martin.She grew up with elder siblings John and James Coulter raised in Connecticut.

She attended New Canaan High School where she undertook her initial studies.

In February, riots occurred when conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was asked to speak by a group of campus Republicans.

(Reuters) An unlikely person has come to the defense of conservative pundit Ann Coulter in her ongoing push to give a speech at the University of California at Berkeley: liberal television host and comedian Bill Maher.

“I’ll let you know more when the facts become clear.

We live in a world where the present civilization prides itself on being part of a trend of free speech, to a degree that ancients were never privy to in their time.

I mean, Bill spends a great deal of his show shitting on the far right and neoconservatives. I love Bill Maher and usually hate Anne Coulter but.. I just watched the episode, sorry for the slow reply.