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England (イギリス, Igirisu) is a main character in the anime and manga series Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Main article: Uniform Guide: England England has messy, short blond hair and green eyes.

He dresses in a green military uniform with a Sam Browne Belt.

Main Article: America America was discovered as a small child by Finland and Sweden.

England and France were told about his existence by Finland, and proceeded to fight over who would be the child's older brother, though America chose England after the latter began to cry because he could not offer anything that compared to France's cooking.

France has also described him as "somehow extremely useless when it comes to matters not pertaining to himself or America".

He has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings and is not limited to creatures from his homeland, being able to interact with various youkai and spirits from Japanese folklore.England cared for America as his "little brother" and visited America's home whenever he found the time, though he always needed to return to Europe after his visits.Only America was capable of liking or tolerating England's terrible cooking, resulting in England being delighted and America adopting the same "tasteless-ness." He also provided America with toys and clothes and was shown to be very affectionate to him, even letting America sleep in his bed when the latter couldn't sleep after reading horror stories.Also, every year when the Fourth of July comes around, his condition collapses.It has been mentioned that England has brothers, one representing Scotland, and the others presumably Wales and Northern Ireland, who hate him and used to drive him away with stones and arrows when he was a child, and even went as far as to mail him curses.Despite this, England often ridicules America's belief in aliens, as well as America's alien friend, Tony.