Arpu online dating

Dating (albeit with an Indian spin) before marrying is gaining social acceptance.“Individuals today have much greater control over their lives.

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In a patriarchal society where men called the shots, the dating apps are making every effort to woo women to join by giving them an upper hand.

Driven by career and ambition, they are in no hurry to get hitched.

Ok Cupid, Krush me Tinderslew of entrepreneurs and investors are seeing an opportunity in this shift.

At one end of the spectrum are casual hook-up apps like Tinder, and anonymous apps like Whisper and Secret where one can flirt and date strangers anonymously.

Every member goes through layers of screening including a detailed interview with a senior Floh staffer.

“Parents often call to thank me and tell me that we are doing a great social service,” says Mangharam with his goofy smile.Floh will host 300 such events in 2015, and has a target of 1,0.It has close to 3,000 members (55% of them women — a big feat in India) with the 25-35 age group as the core segment.Singles can shop in a wider domain with (economic) class — not caste — becoming an important variable.Wait and watch, it will shuffle the (social) pack in interesting ways,” says sociologist Shiv Visvanathan.The occasion is actually a Sangria-making competition. Siddharth Mangharam, 41, cofounder of Floh, will do all he can to help people like Sharma.