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Sightless spectre of the macabre” This two-parter has more 90s A-listers thrown at it than Ocean’s Eleven.Julia Roberts and Jean-Claude Van Damme join Brooke Shields and Chris Isaak as guest stars in a tale of romantic revenge, an unhinged stalker, and a monkey mystery.Season 3, episode 18 “You are a strong, confident woman who does not need to smoke” Any Frank Jr episode is a good episode, but this is a cracker.

It all leads up to a big confrontation between Rachel, whose job search keeps throwing up disappointments, and Ross, representing the male side of the table.

Ross may be terrible in lots of ways, but here, he sacrifices a victory for the sake of giving Rachel a much-needed boost.

Season 2, episode 15 “Sweet mother of all that is pure” This is an episode of many firsts.

It’s the first appearance from Dr Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), the first arrival of Joey and Chandler’s La-Z-Boy recliners, and the first time Ross and Rachel… Not all goes as planned for the big event, dinner is interrupted when Ross is called into the museum to deal with an emergency (opening the door to Friends’ unkillable homo erectus joke).

Season 6, episodes 24 & 25 “I want the Mister Beaumont!

” If you don’t at least well up when Chandler, sick at the thought that his tomfoolery has lost him the love of his life, walks into his apartment to see Monica there, with far too many candles than can possibly be appropriate for health and safety, waiting to propose to him, then you may need to see a doctor about being severely dehydrated.

Season 1, episode 13 “Her name’s Roni, she’s a pet mortician” An early gem here, as Joey discovers that his father isn’t the man he thought he was, Phoebe dates a shrink, and everybody walks in on everybody else naked.

The plot about Joey’s father having a mistress named Roni turns out to be pretty sweet because of the spiral into which it sends Joey, to whom family loyalty is paramount.

The idea of Roger driving the gang mad by psychoanalysing them, is rewarding too, even this soon into the series.

His dig at Central Perk’s big cups which “I’m sorry, may as well have nipples” is particularly fun.

Season 5, episode 19 Joey convincing his Italian grandmother (played by screen star Lilyan Chauvin) that a hastily filmed sequence with a toy gun and a duck is a bonafide Law & Order appearance after his scene was cut makes for one of Friends’ silliest moments.