Real adult video chat Bipolar disorder and dating relationships

It can be made manageable through medicine and therapy.

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It can often be controlled by a healthful lifestyle including healthy exercise, sleep, nutrition, and supportive relationships.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is lucky to have you in his or her life and chances are you are lucky to have them too.

An example of mania would be going a few days without sleep and a depressive spell may mirror depression you have only seen in the movies, not just being disheartened. It can be treated effectively through counseling and sometimes goes away.

I have a friend who used to have it and does not have it anymore.

If they are sad one week because they lost their cat and on a high another week because they have gone skydiving, that does not necessarily mean they have bipolar disorder.

Sufferers of Bipolar Disorder do tend to swing between these two extremes of mania and depression spells but those are typically more severe.It’s the not knowing or not understanding why his behavior is inconsistent that gets to us.And, not knowing how he truly feels or who else he might be pursuing when he’s not with you.As stated before, people with Bipolar Disorder can be some of the most sensitive and fun people alive.If they are comfortable talking to you about the condition, and if you are comfortable listening, it could solidify your relationship.The intense zeal for life or passion of your significant other may be what attracted you to them.