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tweet Out of curiosity, are our Arab Muslim sons getting the same reactions and negative feedback from their parents if they bring home a non-Arab woman to marry? Racism is prohibited in Islam — but unfortunately, sometimes we confuse what’s culturally forbidden with what’s religiously prohibited or encouraged.

It is important that in the Muslim community (mosques, marriages, friendship, etc.) that we disconnect from what’s culturally important to us and concentrate on what’s religiously important.

Ezzeldine wants Muslims to have “the conversations to get to know somebody for marriage in a way” that is more than superficial.

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Ezzeldine says that the high interfaith marriage rates should be a “wakeup call” for the community.She thinks Muslims are “making it so hard for our young people to get to know each other at the mosque or any youth groups or Muslim Student Associations, and then you end up tying their hands and then they end up getting to know [a non-Muslim] really well and befriend somebody in a class or at work.I remember after the typical “hellos” and “how are you’s?” how I felt and sounded as I told her about Assif.Her first question was, “Which “Not from our hometown,” I said. The irony I found in this very tribal and exclusive mindset of Arab Muslims who prefer Arabs over non Arab Muslims is that they are often the same people advocating for issues such as Black Lives Matter, or Free Kashmir — while quoting Ghandi regarding justice and equality.

The hypocrisy of it all is too much for me to take at times.With a shakey voice I said, “A suitable, very nice MUSLIM man asked for my hand.” Yes, Mentioning that he was Muslim was really important in hopes that it would be enough reason for her to be happy about it since I was living alone at that time. Muslim, though for me, though.” *Click* Did we just get disconnected? When my mother saw that feelings were starting to develop between Assif and me in college, she went out of her way to introduce to me to other guys. So, when my family couldn’t think of an eligible Palestinian available, they reluctantly ventured outside of our own nationality to Egypt — because Egypt was still Arab, at least.I don’t know what I was thinking, because really…that didn’t change anything. “Well…not from a town located in Palestine.” “Is he Jordanian or Egyptian? I called her back and I explained to her what a great man he is and that he comes from a great family, but all I heard was her crying on the other end, interrupted by one word every few seconds. She tried to set me up with an Egyptian man once, hoping I’d like him more than my Indian love. Because — apparently any Arab understands us better than a non-Arab, right?” (strangers), even if the town they hail from is only 10 minutes away.(Disclaimer: Lots of women are stepping away from this tribal way of marriage.Fortunately, my aunt eventually came around and understood that the man I wanted was perfect for me. More than a decade later, my husband and I are blessed with a beautiful life together with a child and a good home.