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This frustration was evidenced by job dissatisfaction, and a lack of teamwork, accountability, and patient-centered communication.

This is exactly what happened to a group of long term Conventus member providers!They did not know what penalties they were seeing and had no idea where to start to make changes.The urine drug screen results were negative for Vicodin but positive for Xanax, and the physician suspected drug diversion.He presented these results to the patient, who became extremely upset.She admitted to taking Xanax and claimed her psychiatrist had prescribed this medication.

In addition, she was insistent that she had taken the Vicodin, although her pain had increased. A Conventus member group practice received lower scores on their Patient Experience of Care Surveys than they had anticipated, which reflected a lack of provider and staff communication with the patient.Challenge: Using data to improve care plays an essential role in delivering quality healthcare for patients, and succeeding in the new payment model ‑ The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) to avoid future penalties and work towards achieving an incentive.Performance in past years under three of Medicare’s payment programs - Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Payment Program, Physical Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and the Value Modifier, determined how well a provider would succeed under the new model.In addition, they realized their staff didn’t understand the intent behind PCMH and CPC , which was to improve patient outcomes.The staff’s perspective was that it was just “busy work” to comply with governmental reporting requirements, which they felt didn’t relate to patient care. It’s not easy to come up with something original when you’re writing within the confines of a genre like romance, where the tropes are set in stone and so many romance novels have already been published. Put a new spin on a tired trope by turning it on its head. Instead of the heroine keeping her baby a secret from the hero, maybe the hero is keeping his own child by another woman a secret from the heroine. Turn them inside out A good book should have compelling characters that readers will love/hate/care about; strong conflict; good pace; and a plot where stuff happens. Nothing is more disappointing than reading a book that starts off with a great, kickass opening and interesting characters only to fizzle out in the middle. In the 1980s, romance covers featured ‘the clinch’—a hunky hero with rippling abs (usually Fabio) clutching a beautiful, bosomy heroine against his open-shirted chest.