Book speed dating worksheet how to stop pc updating

THE REWARDS OF SUCCESSFUL MATCHMAKING While it is fun and there are lots of giggles about the numerous puns during the book speed dating activities, the most rewarding part is the response that comes a few days after our sessions.Teachers report how almost all of the students love the books they chose, and how quiet the room is with them all reading.

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” When students have visited each table, they fill out their final book selection on the worksheet, turn in the sheet, and check out their books.

At this point, I pass out one chocolate kiss to each student, because, as I like to tell them, the perfect date ends in a kiss!

At this point, students are starting to understand that dating and choosing a book aren’t so different.

AFTER THE INTRODUCTION, BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE ACTIVITY: After the introduction to the activity, I allow students to find seats at the date tables.

If I shared a dozen books and half of them were actually checked out, I was happy.

For the rest of the period, students would browse the stacks in search of a book, find one quickly, and then sit down and chat with their friends until the bell rang.

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They often didn’t read a word of the book they checked out before they left!

As the deadline for their projects approached, some of them returned their original choices to exchange for another book because the one they had was “boring.” Sadly, some students never even completed the assignment because they did not have a book that appealed to them. I first heard about book speed dating on the LM_Net listserv and decided to give it a try.

Students come into the library and return the novel they chose just a few days ago, having finished it already because they had found “the perfect one!