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We’ve been seeing the overwhelming presence of chat rooms pushed further and further into a cultural corner due largely to the changing needs of the mainstream, and new technologies honoring those needs and suggesting new ones in tandem.All of that said, today’s online playground sees social networking megagiants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter holding the most visible real estate, while traditional online chatrooms take a quiet space by the fringe.

Many of the chat rooms we grew up in are now gone and chat apps are not the same as chat rooms but rest assure there will always be a chat room for you at 321Chat. You may also want to review our page that explains some differences between various types of chatrooms. Yahoo attempted to send users to their Yahoo Messenger product which gave them much more control over offensive behavior.

However Yahoo Messenger membership continued to fall to the point of irrelevancy.

The ability for Pedophiles to engage with children aided by the anonymity of the inter has been a major concern of larger companies fearful of a massive lawsuit.

After a long run (centuries in the virtual spectrum of time, really), the mainstream era of the online chatrooms began taking real hits around 2010, when AOL’s Instant Messenger put an end to its chat rooms; Yahoo Chat Rooms would follow suit in 2012, and the final blow would be MSN Messenger shutting down its services in China, the last place where it was still operational.

The repeated breaches were too much for the Digi Chat company to continue to patch and they simply stopped releasing updates or patches.

Java Script based chat rooms are becoming a thing of the past as more and more browsers are not allowing Java applets to run.Digi Chat remained the webs best chat option for about 8 years.But just as the case was for Omni-Chat, people began to figure out how to break the chat platform; this time with a higher degree of tech knowledge.Whatever the device or application, if it is connected to the Internet, it has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. A chat room participant, because he communicates via the Internet, also has an IP address. Use DOS in lieu of software to locate chat room IP address.IP addresses are made up of four numbers referred to as a dotted-quad. If you need the IP address of someone participating in a chat, you can get it. CNET (see link under Resources below) provides free downloads that will assist you in locating the chat room IP address. For this to work, you'll need a direct connection to the other chatter's computer.Sites like 321Chat and Chat-Avenue broke onto the scene in 2000’ and 2002’ using a Java based chat-software called Digi Chat.