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Banwari Man was apparently interred in a shell midden and subsequently covered by shell refuse.“Based on its stratigraphic location in the site’s archaeological deposits, the burial can be dated to the period shortly before the end of occupation, approximately 3,400 BC or 5,400 years old,” the UWI noted.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience: According to the guy I talked to, there are two types of Indio Guyanese girls.1.

The ones who are too afraid to date a foreigner (you can find them in smaller towns and villages).2.

Bharath-Hernandez says the results will hopefully put to rest questions that have been raised regarding the community’s identity in the past.

The results of the project were released to Bharath-Hernandez late last month by Dr.

“Lying on its left-hand side, in a typical Amerindian ‘crouched’ burial position along a northwest axis Banwari Man was found 20-cm below the surface.

Only two items were associated with the burial, a round pebble by the skull and needlepoint by the hip.Recent government estimates put the cost of restoring the original architectural design at 100 million dollars by the time the work is completed in 2015.But a few weeks ago, Bharath-Hernandez, who is the head of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community and can trace his ancestry to the first inhabitants of the Caribbean – the Caribs and the Arawaks – took a renewed interest when workers discovered pottery artefacts and bone fragments possibly linked to the Amerindian heritage dating back to AD 0-350.“We want to keep the village as authentic and traditional as possible but with all modern day amenities,” Bharath-Hernandez said.“It will comprise a main centre to be used as a meeting and cultural space which will be located in the centre of the village. There will also be an official residence for the Carib Queen, Jennifer Cassar,” he added.But don’t worry, you can find plenty of beautiful (and curvy) black, mixed, and Caribbean girls.