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Hoteliers’ attitude towards solid waste source separation through mega festivals: A pilot study in Karbala 3rd Doctoral Research Conference Abdulredha MAA, AL khaddar RAFID, Jordan DAVID, Hashim KHALID. Geophysical surveys at the site of the Villa Rustica at Vilauba and the Kiln site at Armadas, Ampurdan, Spain Geophysical Surveys 1982 University of Bradford, Department of Archaeological Sciences.

The development of a waste management system in Kerbala during major pilgrimage events: determination of solid waste composition Creative Construction Conference 2017 Foley SF, Gronenborn D, Andreae MO, Kadereit JW, Esper J, Scholz D, Pöschl U, Jacob DE, Schöne BR, Schreg R, Vött A, Jordan D, Lelieveld J, Weller CG, Alt KW, Gaudzinski-Windheuser S, Bruhn K-C, Tost H, Sirocko F, Crutzen PJ. The Palaeoanthropocene – The beginnings of anthropogenic environmental change Anthropocene, 3 :83-88 DOI Abdulredha M, Al Khaddar R, Jordan DW, Kot P, Abdulridha A, Hashim K. The Resistivity Survey, Vilauba, Banyoles Excavaciones en la Villa Romana de Vilauba, Camos Diputacio Provincial de Girona. Bradford, UK Conference presentation: The Internet of the environment: new sensor technologies to address serious environmental problems., IEEE Workshop on Io T: Sensor Technologies, Applications & Entrepreneurship, Sensor City, Liverpool, Lecture and supporting Poster 17/10/2017 Conference organisation: 19th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology, Member of Scientific Committee, Session Chair and Session Co-convener., Fieldwork as Therapy: An international conference., Convener and Co-organiser Fieldwork as Therapy: A workshop to develop national Good Practice guidelines., Co-organiser External committees: Formby Floodwatch, Formby Parish Council, Technical advisor, Industrial connections: Megger Ltd, Collaborative project to repurpose commercial electrical test equipment, of which Megger is a leading manufacturer, for environmental survey purposes.

In this project Dr Jordan has created a method to accredit the devices using the precise radio-timing signal transmitted by the National Physics Laboratory.

This is in current development to first supplement and then replace a method developed by the manufacturer with his assistence, now being tested at LJMU.

Dr Jordan is building a growing network of collaborators who are starting to make use of a new generation of environmental sensors which he has invented and which he is actively developing for testing and use.

At present the partners include: UK Environment Agency, UK National Flood Forum, Nottingham University, Mahidol University, Royal Irrigation Department of the Government of Thailand and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (NERC).

In this collaboration Dr Jordan is exploring with Megger the potential to spin-out a related business which will create new markets for Megger and provide training for LJMU students.

Skan Chronographs and Merseyside Police (collaboration partners)., Developing systems for the accreditation of projectile velocity measurements.

In order to strengthen the baseline for research at the TRACES body-farm facility Dr Jordan carried out the first series of soil test pits and geophysical data recovery to build an initial model of soil functioning.

This was very successful, revealing unexpected behaviours of significance to the interpretation of past research as well as the planning of future campaigns.

Beautiful features include a fireplace, wood floors, spacious back yard with privacy fence, and well-appointed kitchen that is open to the living area.

Shaded by an oak canopy, relaxing on the wraparound front porch, screened side porch or in the back yard is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Dr Jordan has a close working relationship with the teaching of STEM subjects at Formby High School.