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As they define it, not me, Communications APIs, or CPaa S (Communications Platform as a Service) providers as they are known by some, are a cloud-based application layer that allows software developers to quickly and easily integrate calling, texting and other real-time communication functions into applications, using APIs. CPaa S is entirely cloud based and software driven-catering to application developers and product owners who need to tap into today’s most exciting digital and mobile features without having to build or locate any of the physical network infrastructure.Communications APIs eradicate the need for users to communicate within channel-based silos for instant messaging, web conferencing, text messaging, voice calling and more.Specific topics covered include: After the design has completed and validated, the partner can deploy the necessary components and run the network assessment.

In any event this is a cool idea worth considering.

In another first for Skype, Sean Spicer the White House Press Secretary engaged a question from a reporter “virtual” via Skype.

Add in the plethora of emerged devices, your mind can easily go insane exploring all the different permutations.

Here are excerpts from the IETF on video multicasting.

Building scalable video solutions is an enormous challenge.

Even if you had all the same endpoints (devices) you will never have the same bandwidth to all locations or even a few much less reasons for the video conference to fail.Specific topics covered include: Nectar is a global market leader in providing the most comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics software solution for Unified Communication services, enables IT and operation organizations to proactively ensure the end-user experience.Its flagship offering, the Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP), improves visibility and service delivery across integrated voice, video and data application solutions by providing unique and critical performance information.For instance, for a video conference call, the MCU media server receives the video stream, decodes the stream, tiles the decoded frames with the streams from other participants, and then encodes the tiled video to send it back to the participant assuming the same CODEC on each endpoint.Using the MCU topology architecture simplifies the stream the client will need to send and receive and reduces the number of streams to just one.Many UC platforms, including hosted UC providers are devaluing network assessments because they slow down the deployment and eliminate some of the end client budget that would go toward the hosted UC subscription.