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If you want to create your own store, a t-shirt store, a sweater store, any kind of store at all. Guys, Shopify, Grasshopper, thank you and I hope everybody tries ’em out. Hey everyone, it’s Andrew Warner,, home of the ambitious upstart and as you guys know the mission here is to bring experienced entrepreneurs to talk about what it’s really like to build a business.

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It eventually, you know, became more and more about the original concept, which kinda brings us to where we are today.

Where the site is, you know, it’s really focused on its, on the original content. Busted Tees was created, you know as I said, College Humor was started as an ad business.

The young characters infuse their workplace with a playful, not entirely...

See full summary » College Humor's videos are humorous, yet not LOL funny.

Which as an 18 year old, that’s like the craziest amount of money you could even imagine.

So, so Ricky and I were going back and forth with different ideas.

We've given me knows for my country and then I get to be a brunette turn which is lay.

We've for me triggers for my practice and then I get to be a fundamental weird which is location.

College Humor posts original writing from its staff and users, including humorous essays, comics, interviews and weekly columns on sports, video games, college life, and dating.

First, I recently got an email from James Lindstorm, Lindstrom. James wanted to know if I had a few minutes for a phone call with him and that gave me an idea for something I can do with my new phone number. If you wanna have a conversation with me about your business, about just about, actually not just about anything. If you wanna have a conversation about something that’s going on in your business. Second note I wanna make is I’ve got a new sponsor which is Shopify.

Josh and a buddy of his, as freshmen in college, created and a first, according to The New York Times, posted stupid college stuff online.