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On this page we aren’t trying to label that claim true or false (i.e.

fact or myth) with certainty, we are just exploring why the theory does or doesn’t have weight.

On the flip side, some of the best things that have come out of my life came when I said, “Screw it, I’m not waiting,” and soldiered on — launching this blog, for example. (On a much, much lesser degree, I had waited through a lot of my 20s to “set up house” because I figured I’d get married at some point, but we still use the nice dishes and silverware I bought for myself when I finally decided to take the plunge!

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Some questions, to kick off discussion: Have you ever wanted to do something, either personal or career-related, because you were waiting for something else first?

“I’ll buy a house/good plates after I get married…” “I’ll get a new job after I’m in a solid relationship,” etc. Did the thing you were waiting for happen, or did you just go forward and take the plunge anyway? I stayed way too long in my firm job in part because it was a known quantity — the personalities, the demands, the hours — but I found a rhythm where I could date in it.

The story we see just in the charts above is the same.

We currently see something that looks like the bullish side of an economic bubble (it looks a lot like the run up before 20).

For the newlyweds: whether to combine your finances, how to plan for kids, how to buy a home – Summer events/activities: how to stay cool on your commute, what to wear to a company picnic, to the office pool party, to the company retreat, and to golf with coworkers; finding time to exercise; sporting events for work – Vacation!

NOTE: I’m not an economist, I am just a researcher taking a look at a claim that has been made in recent history (for example here: The Everything Bubble – Waiting For The Pin; please see the citations for other articles on the subject).

This is to say, many who bother to warn of the potential everything bubble also seem to have an angle (and that angle is almost always products or positions that would benefit from an everything bubble popping or from people being afraid of an everything bubble).

Let’s put aside fear, hidden intentions, and products, and just muse on the concept of an everything bubble.

which is even more troublesome from some perspectives).

A price chart of the NASDAQ since 1998 illustrating economic bubbles.

To do this, let’s compare a bubble in a specific asset to what looks like the formation of another bubble currently.