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Prime’s best-in-class WMS and TMS platforms provide the transparency and visibility desired by suppliers.

Prime is a logistics partner with strong carrier relationships and industry expertise helping suppliers reduce supply chain costs, optimize all modes of shipping, avoid OTIF fines, gain increased visibility and take control of their supply chain.

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Construction for this facility will also begin this fall and is expected to be operational in spring, 2015.The Pittsburgh-area facility will employ approximately 300 within three to five years.Our five strategically placed AIB-certified warehouses ensure your product is located near a Walmart Regional Distribution Center.Our facilities are intentionally located at key points in major shipping lanes from coast to coast, enabling us to meet the needs of customers located anywhere, both domestic and import.Our pickup and consolidation service improves efficiency and delivery flexibility, while mitigating transportation costs and reducing shipment handling, claims, and shortages.

It also allows you to find more effective economies on inbound shipments.

Instead of shipping as needed and paying higher freight costs look at a collection network of lanes to move between locations and pick up and deliver.

We will design a sweep network to move from location to location and pickup and deliver your goods be they forward or reverse logistics needs.

Whether it is Returned Items, Asset Transfer or Consolidated Fulfillment Operations we can help you design a solution for your ongoing Pickup and Consolidation operations.

We will design a network of Sweep Trucks, Consolidation Points and other logistics operating points to Collect your material, Grade if needed and Transport as needed.

The Atlanta-area distribution center will employ approximately 200 within three years.