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It depends on the person, who they’re looking for, and the number of people out there who fit that description. Asher – What do you feel is the key to a successful long-term relationship, and why do you feel that so many marriages these days seem to end in divorce?If someone will only date blondes, is liberal, and is twenty five to thirty five who doesn’t have kids, then that will severely limit our options. April Davis – I think the key to a successful long-term relationship is continued communication and education.April Davis is Owner and Lead Matchmaker for Cupid’s Cronies, a Minneapolis-based dating and matchmaking service that serves clients across the United States. Asher – First of all, “Cupid’s Cronies” is a catchy name! April Davis – I wanted something unique and different so that people would remember it. Asher – How long have you been in the matchmaking industry? April Davis – First of all, our low Matchmaker-to-client ratio.

When we don’t have all of the information our brains fill it in and often times this is incorrect.Over half of marriages in the United States end up in divorce these days.The more people know about the relationship, themselves, and the other person the better though understand and be more accommodating to issues as they arise.Couples should pursue counseling or just read/listen to a book about relationships.Men still want the sexy, fun, feminine, soft emotional refuge a woman can provide. April Davis – Well for one, you can’t treat people the way she does on TV.

We are all Certified Life Coaches and we want to help people.I have a philosophy: if the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s time to water your own lawn. Asher – What other services does your company provide besides matchmaking? Dwarves.” I literally started laughing and said, “No, we don’t have any of those.” It was like he was ordering a pizza; I don’t think he himself was a short person.We know all too often that the grass is simply not greener and the same dirt exists both places. April Davis – We also provide date coaching, online profiles, photos, and “Wingwoman” services. They’re mostly busy upscale professionals: business owners, finance professionals, doctors, etc. April Davis – It has probably only encouraged people to work with our service because we only work with people who want a serious committed relationship.I honestly don’t know many “gold diggers” and, if I do, then I will simply not introduce them to my clients. Asher – Since you have your finger on the pulse of the dating scene, generally speaking, what are men and women looking for in relationships and well as in the opposite sex?It seems like over ninety percent of arguments are due to misunderstandings.