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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Preventing DEB starts early For parents of younger children with type 1 diabetes, helping them make a positive association between food and a healthy lifestyle, rather than dwelling on weight, can help prevent Disordered Eating Behavior during the teenage years.It’s also important for parents to offer healthy food options in the home, make healthy choices themselves and to not assume blood glucose levels are automatically linked to food. ” after a high blood glucose reading can create conflict around food.However in teens with type 1 diabetes who report DEB, this behavior is not only associated with depression, but also wanting good glycemic control and avoiding weight gain that is common with treatment with insulin.Further, diabetes self-management behaviors prescribe DEB: preoccupation with food, monitoring of carbohydrate intake and controlling weight when weight gain occurs secondary to successful treatment with insulin.For instance, being depressed, wanting to be thin, having dieted before, having high standards for performance, and being Caucasian.

These factors are not necessarily associated with diabetes.

Finding help If you feel your teen is showing signs of Disordered Eating Behavior, it’s important to seek professional help for an accurate evaluation from a behavioral psychologist who is familiar with treatment of diabetes and of eating disorders.

Visit the BRIDGE (Behavioral Research in Diabetes Group Exchange) website for help with finding a professional.

Signs to look for Parents can look for signs of disordered eating behavior.

Watch for depression, changes in eating patterns and changes in weight when there is a significant change in blood glucose control (i.e., weight gain associated with tight blood glucose control or weight loss associated with poor blood glucose control).

Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style.