Sex on line with camera D link dynamic dns not updating

So here’s a quick step-by-step guide to setting up a Free Dlink DDNS service on your unifi Router Obviously the first step is logging onto your router, if you’re unsure of your how to do this then you probably need to read the basics from this post on how to change your unifi password.

Remember to use the username and password from step 5, together with the host information from step 7.Select Dlink DDNS from the drop down, and finally test the connection.A Domain Name Server (DNS) is basically the address book of the world wide web.What it does in very simple terms is it converts a web address like an Internet Protocol address like 2.157 It’s the Internet Protocol address that can actually get you to your destination.So in this case, I would point my camera app to something like Dynamic DNS service from DLink).

And setup my router to periodically update the DNS server with it’s IP address.

Once the DNS is updated it will then automatically resolve itself to the correct IP address.

Basically in one word, a Dynamic DNS makes sure it always resolves to the same machine, even though the IP address of the machine is changing.

You will protect these with passwords, but it’s also a good idea to obfuscate the url as well.

So something like Dynamic DNS, and enter the information below.

The Dlink Dir-615 router you get with Unifi has an inbuilt DNS functionality.