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Family, friends, and even counselors may feel squeamish about the cutting and blood, bruising, or pain.

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Or they have denied and detached from other emotional wounds.

Then in crisis or another stressful situation they deal with their emotional pain by physically harming themselves.

It is also a whole lot easier to deal with than crud from the past and present.

Before [I feel] out of control — it’s like a obsession I can’t get rid of.

These emotions, sometimes along with frightening flashbacks or self-hating thoughts, just won’t go away until they injure themselves.

Then the extreme tension and arousal in their bodies and souls returns to a more bearable level.Some people like the attention they get attention for wounding themselves and others are embarrassed by it. They may feel guilty about hurting people or mistakes they’ve made.They may feel bad about themselves or how empty their life feels. The best way to understand what cutters and others who self-harm are going through is to listen to what they have to say about their experience.They’re afraid to feel their emotions and talk to someone they trust in order to seek understanding and comfort. Self-harming is a defense mechanism against pain, done in order to… Their emotional pain is unbearable and they feel it in their bodies as intense arousal.Their sadness, fear, guilt, or anger feel overwhelming and out of control.These figures include all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and 40% of these are men. By far the most common way that people harm themselves is by cutting.