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But I pose the question to you: Could you get over if a man you really like, or are already dating, told you they were an atheist?

It was pretty intense and involved him killing a man in self-defence, leaving his Mom behind at the Turkish border, walking through Turkey to Greece and eating wild plants just to stay alive. He never made me change though, and it came across as just simple irritation like I would be if he wore crocs, so I let it go.He also began to treat me differently around other men, barely allowing me to talk and constantly commenting on how all of them were after me. I was not afraid of him, I did not treat him with disrespect. Or all of the religious people in this story, including R.?And black people are some of the most religious people out.But no matter what you claim to believe in, religion does seem to matter big time in the dating world. If you met someone at work and simply became friends, you probably wouldn’t trip if they told you they didn’t believe in God.A few weeks into the job, I was sitting in the lunch room with the Fijian woman who had taken to me so well that she brought me homemade Fijian food for lunch every day. The job, which was officially titled “groomer”, had a lot of downtime.

Shovelling roti in my mouth and moaning in absolute unparalleled pleasure at how fucking good the shit was, I looked up to see a man I thought was Goran Visnjic, the Iranian wet dream from TV’s ER. After I said hi for the third time, R finally asked if I was ok and then promptly told me the spinach on my chin was hot. So, naturally, I ignored the spinach once again and asked him where he was from. Some days we’d have an 8 hour shift and one 5 minute turnaround clean during the whole 8 hours.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to see celebs on the job, coming and going from planes, but in the lunchroom? Before I could get up and wipe the spinach off my chin, I was being introduced. This was his extremely close look-a-like, and my coworker, R. R and I would talk and talk and talk during all of our downtime. So, he started to come to my apartment to work on the story and before we knew it, we were officially dating. Within just a few weeks of us making it official, he began to get irritated with how I dressed.

He’d been off with a broken hand longer than I’d been working there, so I had never seen him before. He told me the story of how he, as a Kurd, escaped Iraq under Hussein’s rule. Jeans and a t-shirt were too much for him, and he would become particularly uncomfortable if that t-shirt was a v-neck.

I had a full course load, and then went to the airport at night and cleaned planes until morning. I recall, however, being in such a sleepless stupor that my boss appeared to me as Hulk Hogan… I had the extreme pleasure of peeling the NHL’s sticky used condoms off the ceiling of their plane.

The exact plane I speak of flew none other than the Great One, Wayner, into Vancouver when he played with the Kings.

In spite of how disgusting humans suddenly become when they’re barreling through the air in a metal tube, I loved that job.