estp men dating Dating an athlete

For some students, this experience involves dating athletes.

College athletes do not come in one shape, size, or personality. Most students assume that student-athletes are a combination of the varsity athletes from the high school halls and their professional counterparts.

That set aside, a great fear that many people have is the time management, and faithfulness.Most athletes become best friends with their team members automatically.It does not come from extra pressures of the relationship, but it is the overall context.Other people, such as his or her teammates will judge you more. While I do not mean to bring back the corniness of 80s romantic comedies, or try to argue that some movies of our time have gotten it right, I must divulge that I think it is a necessary rite of passage.

After all, we are exposed to so many different people in our lives, and while some seem great for us on paper, others turn the dark on fire.Being in the background of an athlete's life can be difficult for some people dating them, you may lose sight of your own identity, and that isn't good at all. I would spend all of my weekends training or being outdoors.Go into dating an athlete with an open mind, keep your wits about you, have fun and go to their games and cheer on your sportsman or sportswoman, they won't forget this act of kindness and will know you appreciate them for being there to show support. I was always gone for all kinds of long breaks, and was hard to be found in town on national holidays.There is also pressure to know the sport, not just the rules, but the intricacies.There is pressure to balance your time and coordinate your schedule more than usual as well.So here is the deal with athletes, if they like you, they will ask you out to get to know you better.