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Every German woman has different concepts about what she looks for in a man on dating, relationship and marriage. This article will briefly list some general things that single German women love Italian men that much.

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When looking at these guys, most German ladies fall in love with them. German women have their first choice on German men and their second choice on Italian men.Even though many German ladies in the United States of America still select Italian men, but not Americans.Choose, a flirting chat site that could be the best you will ever try.Come and discover a new chapter of your life where you have a loving someone.Italian men are perfect for German ladies because they share the European culture and norms.

Italian guys have dark hair and eyes, olive skin that attract German women a lot.

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However, on this modern era, we are all American influenced.

Italian men still keep their European-like culture.

As Germany plays host to more than 1 million Muslim refugees, 27-year-old German dating coach Horst "Mr.