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Because the site is so content-dense, you’ll need to be technologically savvy to be able to figure out what’s going on and how to use the site to your full advantage, but once you do, you’ll love all the features available.

Your personality is unique, and the compatibility matches you find on these dating sites are truly incredible.It’s no wonder that dating sites are such a popular way to meet the person of your dreams.This site has been online since 2007 and it has become one of the popular dating sites on the internet.The membership is large with thousands of members across different countries, covering USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.You can also search for couples, which is much different from the usual searching for singles only.

One negative about Mega Friends is that the site isn’t very nice to look at and there are unsightly paid ads all over the place, but once you pay for a membership, they disappear.

Host your own blog, chat with members, create friend lists, and much more.

The downside is that the myriad features may overwhelm you at first, and you can’t do much without paying.

Many of the singles sites reviewed here offer plenty of tips about how to start dating online, how to plan a date, and how to know when you’ve found “the one.” Online dating sites are really a whole lot of fun! Take a look at the dating site reviews reviews below, and pick the one that most closely matches your personality and goals.

If you’ve already tried one of these personals sites, feel free to send me your comments and share your experience!

Instead of a couple of scribbled SWF ads, you are able to see current photos, learn all about the person from their detailed profile, and interact instantly over e-mail or chat.