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Upthread I posted a couple of pics of Armie and Dakota together from Just Jared, and for my own amusement while there, I had a look through the posts tagged with Armie's name, which go back for years.

The producers of the upcoming drama “Hotel Mumbai” are trying to avoid getting roped into The Weinstein Co.’s bankruptcy fire sale.According to court documents filed Monday by Hotel Mumbai PTY Ltd. did not immediately return requests from The Wrap for comment.Like at a movie premiere, there will be all these pics of the stars posing alone, or with each other and the director, etc, no spouses/significant others to be seen - but then Armie will pose with her, and then she will pose alone, as if she is a recognizable star unto herself. NOBODY else's wife or husband is doing this in most of the posts, even if they're a celeb in their own right.It is their spouse's event, and they are ceding the spotlight to them. That is some serious, long-term thirst she's got going on.Oh, I'm sure she's insecure about their marriage and that's part of the reason for the incessant togetherness, just not the only reason.

I think she REALLY likes the attention being his wife gets her, and she needs to be near him to get it most of the time.

It's too bad - she was really pretty and didn't need all that work...she's only in her mid-thirties, FFS.

R101 Maybe he really doesn''s Liz who takes care of everything and he only needs to be pampered.

I also recall seeing a conversation a few weeks back that indicated someone had sent some of those raunchy Timmy/Armie fanfiction stories TO Armie.

If that's true and he actually read some, maybe between that and the creepy stan DMs he's gotten, he's just totally over these people and wants them to GTFO.

However, since I'm just a common observer, I find the whole thing hilarious.[quote]The thing I don’t get is why he gives them attention?