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So he asked the waitress if they served anything besides wine and she looked pretty confused before suggesting a non-alcoholic beer.

Realizing the misunderstanding, Will asked if they had a full bar, we ordered gin and tonics, and spent the next several hours chatting and laughing.

After a free-fall of about 45 seconds, she crashed into power cables, which helped to slow her impact with the ground, the Johannesburg Star newspaper reported."If it wasn't for them, I would have died. I hit the ground really hard and I was kind of waiting to die.Then the pain set in." She was taken to a hospital in Johannesburg where doctors found only a fractured pelvic bone and some bruises.Greg Aspinall Sales Manager - North & Scotland | Start date: 2014Joining KI in April 2014 with over 20 years' experience in the commercial office environment, Greg has worked for both manufacturers and dealers gaining valuable knowledge in both sectors.His main focus will be to build a strong network of dealers within the region through his passion for customer service and building relationships.He offers detailed product knowledge to provide client specific solutions that bring the best value to the customer.

Recently, Steve has been responsible for supporting major clients such as Amazon and Facebook and has specialised within the hi-tech sector throughout his career.

I love learning how people met their significant others, especially in the age of social media, online dating, and missed connections.

After mentioning it a couple times in past blog posts, I finally sat down to write the little story of how Will and I met.

I had just moved to the city in January and was newly single.

All my girlfriends were obsessed with Tinder, which was still pretty new at the time, and Will was the first Tinder date I went on.

Family, football and food are the three staples in life Greg could not live without.