Dating chronic pot smoker

Add children to the mix, and a whole new set of concerns emerge. Our answer is a definite what to do about your marijuana-addicted spouse.That's something you'll have to work out for yourself.

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Will your husband's continued use of a mind-altering substance become a spiritual stumbling block for you or other members of the family?

These are just a few issues to ponder as you look toward the future.

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Do you think it's wrong for my spouse to smoke marijuana? It's not easy to be married to someone who is addicted to a substance of any kind, marijuana included.

No doubt your own health, and comfort, along with the children’s is being adversely affected if you are breathing in second hand smoke.

Your partner may have a chronic cough or even mental health issues related to their addiction – all things that would have an impact on your quality of life together. It’s likely you’ve been trying your best to support your partner, you’ve encouraged them to get help and quit, and you’ve racked your brains for anything else you can do to finally get them on the road to recovery.Information about this program can be accessed via their website; click on the "Restarting" module for a video overview.This approach, which is based on Christian principles, promotes recovery by inviting participants into fellowship and deeper relationships with others.Our trained counsellors not only have some great advice, but they are really good at listening – many of the calls they receive are from concerned family members who just need some guidance or a friendly ear.NCPIC also has numerous factsheets and information on our website so you can equip yourself with the latest knowledge, an online quit program au and a quit with a buddy program au/quit, and specialised information for users as well as those concerned about their loved one’s cannabis use.When it’s your partner who is struggling with a cannabis addiction, it can feel like twice the challenge – not only do you love and want to help them, but you’re also faced with an internal struggle where you may resent a part of them that you fear may never change.