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Your year of study is defined by the total number of credits you have earned, or expect to earn, by the end of April for the Summer session, or August for the Fall-Winter session.Degree students can view their personal course enrolment start time on ACORN by clicking "Enrol and Manage" from the Academics menu option.If you do not yet have your transfer credit assessment, please refer to the Year Level indicated in your offer of admission.

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You will use it to enrol in courses, view your transcript and final grades, review your financial invoice, update your contact information (address, email, bank information, emergency contact information), and much more!

To login to ACORN, please use your JOINid/UTORid and password.

It's important to recognize that being on the waiting list does not guarantee you a space in the course.

If you change your mind about being on a waiting list for a course, please cancel it as soon as possible to avoid course fees, and to give other students the opportunity to move up on the list.

You may also visit the I&ITS Help Desk for assistance.

Alumni who were not issued a UTORid during their former studies can use ROSI to request transcripts and reset their PIN.

If you plan to return to your studies at U of T, and were not previously issued a UTORid, please activate and manage your UTORid with the support of our TCard Office.

Your start time is determined by your year of study.

A course with enrolment controls will be listed in the timetable to provide you with additional information describing how to enrol and which categories of students are allowed in.

If no enrolment control indicator is shown, the course may be selected by all U of T Mississauga students who have appropriate prerequisites.

If you are next on the waiting list, you will be enrolled automatically into the lecture.