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The children helped with running of the home and attended local schools.

The locations of the homes included 95 St Michael's Road, 15 Colwyn Road, 1 Adelaide Terrace, Leicester Road; 43 Semilong Road, and 21 Marriott Road, all of which still survive as residential properties.

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You don't have to be an America's Cup sailor to handle Murray River houseboats.

A standard driver's license is all you need to become captain of your own floating holiday home.

One pint of beer is allowed to each adult at bread and cheese meals. [It] was, as I had expected, very comfortable, so much so, that the inmates, old and young were allowed bread and meat five days in a week, and the only work was sweeping in the streets, which was done in the usual idle style; it was capable of containing 70 people; there were about 40 when I visited it, 12 women (one or two of whom had come there to be delivered of bastard children), eight children, and about 20 men, most of whom were old, crippled or idiotic.

Them was a separation between the sexes, and a difference made in the treatment of the impotent and the able-bodied, but every man in the house was allowed 3d. The notion of making the workhouse a place of discipline, seemed never to have occurred to any one, the object being rather, as they told me, to make the poor comfortable.

It is however very clean and neat, and the Poor live there comfortably under the direction of a very proper person. The high walls which encompass the narrow courts being capped with spikes, give the place a great resemblance to a prison.

In this Workhouse, as in most others, the earnings seem to be chiefly produced by children.

Just slow moving water, extraordinary natural scenery and friendly historic towns that can't wait to meet you.

A holiday on or along the Murray River is an exercise in relaxation.

Bill of fare: Breakfast—Sunday: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, milk pottage; other days, broth and bread.

Dinner—Sunday, Tuesday, broth, beef, bread, and vegetables ; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, bread, cheese, and beer; Thursday, broth, mutton, bread, and vegetables. The victuals are not weighed, but the Poor have generally as much bread and meat as they can eat.

From the early 1900s, workhouse children were placed in a number of houses around the west side of the town known as scattered homes.