Dating domestic model 151 sewing machine

There are varying reasons to collect these machines.

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With rea.sonable care they still look good after seventy-five or a hundred years. Budd White Buena Davis Buetners National Buffalo Free Buffalo Goodrich Buffalo Queen National Buffalo Special Standard Buhl National Bullock White Bunch White Bungalow National Bunker Hill A.

With not-so-good care, tliey can be put into good condition with meclianical skill, patience, and carefid refinishing.

Tiie relatively few companies of the first decade, the 1850s, blossomed into well over one hundred after the expiration of the major patents and the dissolution of the Sewing-Machine Combination in 1877. Burks White Burlington National Burnett Goodrich Burnetts Choice National Burns A.

A catalog list of more than one hundred and fifty of these 19th-century companies is included in this study. Many of the companies remained in business a very short time or kept their activities a secret to avoid payment of royalties to patent holders.

In gen- eral, the machines were not very different from each otlier excejit for the name.

Style characteristics of the company usually enables one to identify the manufac- turer; many of these machines were sold through distributors with their choice of name.

The current antique value of the sewing machines is not included in this study. The prices quoted in this work are the prices as advertised wlien the machines were new.

Acknowledgments As stated in the first edition of this book, I am greatly indebted to tlie late Dr.

Eor the private collector, it might be the appeal of the .small hand-turned machines that can be attractively .shelved as mechanical curiosities, the decorative appeal of the ironwork or the beauty of tlie woodwork of the cabinet machines.

Eor the in- dividual, it might be a prized family heirloom or the appeal of a single, isolated, eye-catching example.

TJ1507.06 68177677 75-619415 ISBN 0-87474-330-.5 Contents Preface vii Acknowledgments ix 1. A little more than one hundred years ago American inventors created and American manu- facturers supplied this first widely advertised consumer product. Expensive, yes, Init considering the work it would do — a machine that could sew — and the time it could save, the cost was more than justified.