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We’ll update this article once we have more details on prices and availability on both new Video Mics.

Rode Microphones's parent company Freedman Electronics is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and to commemorate this event, Rode is slated to release a bunch of new exciting microphones in addition to their latest generation on-camera microphone for DSLR and compact camera users called the Rode Video Mic PRO later in 2017.

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If your camera provides plug-in power via the mic socket the Video Mic Pro can power on and off automatically.The microphone can sense when the camera is turned on and will turn on as well, and will turn itself off when you turn the camera off or disconnect the 3.5mm jack.So you can, for example, make the audio sound like the directional mono signal from a Video Mic Pro, much like a traditional shotgun mic.Or there are two different stereo options: narrow which is suitable for general ambience, or wide, which is particularly suited to 360° use.The new Pro will also have a detachable 3.5mm lead and can now be powered by readily available AA batteries instead of the single 9 volt battery on the current version.

The new mic also features a 2 stage high pass filter at 75 and 150Hz and an updated windshield.

The mic itself can also handle the A format to B format conversion, so you can control the sound you’re recording at the point of capture.

There’s a standard 3.5mm jack and also a multipin connector for a four channel ambisonic signal that you can use to take a feed to a live mix.

Following the acquisition of ambisonic specialists Soundfield, this is Rode’s attempt to make 360° sound capture accessible to anyone who’s producing immersive content.

Up to now it’s been a high-end specialist application, used to capture 5.1 audio from sports events, for example.

If this feature works as advertised I’d say it’s worth the price of admission on its own.