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Pip’s co-founders are initially targeting the product at parents (and/or ‘big kid’ makers) but say their long term goal is to get the product (and accompanying subscription-based software platform) into educational institutions.

“The software has been developed in such a way that students can write code and test it on whatever equipment the school has available, before running it on Pip itself — this means that schools are not forced to purchase one Pip for every student,” they noted.

Early bird pre-order pricing for the Pip device is £150, with the intended future RRP being £200.It’s true that kids today are already pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to learn to code and/or hardware hack gizmos parents can buy them.“Our role in this is to remove the barriers between idea and creation, making these tools immediately usable.Then you can take this knowledge and skill to go on to make things beyond the can become a capable desktop computer (when connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard), or even a portable Retro Pie-powered emulation station”.Music Competition: XBox 360 Find the best Microsoft Xbox song MEGA Screenshot Competition: Video Game Characters 5 Find and tag the most video game characters Earn up to 300K Viz or 0 in Steam Games in these competitions!

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Though there’s clearly still a long way to turn the prototype into shipping product.

They have a Kickstarter timeline of August-September 2018 for shipping Pip to backers.

and also have 100s of hacked roms, all playable on the site hassle free.