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Anna was born in Cheltenham and brought up in London.To quote her “I have been travelling up and down the A40 all my life visiting grandparents as a child/young adult and now visiting relatives in the south-east”.

She has worked in London, Cheltenham and the Middle-East – Muscat, Oman.Now settled in Cheltenham with her daughter, she is here to stay for the foreseeable future.If you're looking for the man with the most passion about ensuring that the business community of Cheltenham continues to thrive and grow, look no further.Michael is the owner and manager of M R Ratcliffe Consultants Ltd, insurance brokers specialising in the transport industry, which was established in 1976.He has been on the Executive Committee since 2010 serving as Membership Secretary and Head of Marketing until 2013, and sees great things ahead for both the Chamber and its members.

He is also the Editor of Cheltenham Chamber News, a publication which is distributed widely across the business community in Gloucestershire.

She joined the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce in 2010 to enable her to get out networking with local businesses to make sure they developed the best connections from their Jobcentre team, which proved extremely productive.

Cheltenham is very much home to Catriona, despite her Scottish Royal Air Force Officer father’s career leading to a nomadic existence in her childhood.

This training supports her work and gives her a special insight into helping her clients.

She organises parties and speed-dating events, along with personal one-to-one introductions, and as a result she is adept at bringing people together.

I particularly enjoy attending Science and Music festivals with occasional visits to the Playhouse and Everyman theatres.