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Denim stretches and molds over time to the body they spend the most time with. But jeans are cut differently for men and women merely because we are anatomically different!

So a 30 in men’s will fit differently to a 30 in women’s.

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But now Levi's head of design Jonathan Cheung and his team have introduced something the 501 has never seen before: stretch denim. Jonathan Cheung: People's expectations change over time and for anything to remain relevant there must be change.To paraphrase Charles Darwin, "it's not the strongest that survives but the one most responsive to change." A little-known fact is that over 60 percent of our men's jeans now contain stretch. The 501 has always been the do-anything piece of clothing. Sitting at the waist, these straight fitting jeans are perfect for the everyday.Super comfortable with a little added in the thigh, these jeans are for everyone!When shopping, remember that the size you think you are is probably not the size you will end up with.

This can happen for a few reasons most notably because our jeans are pre-owned!Make them your own by customising them till your heart's content! Designed to fit over boots, these are the perfect jeans to show your shoes in all their glory.They are cut slightly lower in the waist, perfect for floaty bohemian shirts, a suede jacket and those amazing shoes! Possibly the most iconic jeans in the world, the 501 goes with literally anything.Racked has affiliate partnerships, which do not influence editorial content, though we may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.We also occasionally accept products for research and reviewing purposes. Call it a trend, call it a responsible environmental choice, but vintage denim is a "thing" any way you cut it.(Wedgie jeans are styled after vintage for a reason.) Different brands are also geared toward different bodies.