Dating my bestfriends sister

You like him and he likes you, so what’s stopping you two from hooking up? I didn’t quite see anything wrong with it…at first.I mean, what’s the big deal about dating your best friend’s brother?

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When I asked her why her brother was upset, she said her brother’s explanation was simply, “That’s just not what black people do.” I could see if he was upset because she kept a secret from him or because maybe he thought his friend wasn’t good enough for his baby sister, but to make it a cultural thing seemed strange to me.Then again, I had known many white people who had no problem dating their best friend’s brother, but no black folks. I don’t have any brothers, so I can’t say how I’d feel if my bestie wanted to date my sibling.She goes to the school's swimming pool and gives back his handkerchief, but he explodes with anger when he sees that she cleaned it. I first started watching this show in 2016 but I took a big break and did not finish it until today. Yes, it doesn’t have great plot twists or whatever but that’s what makes it different from other kdramas.Kim Bok-Joo then falls into the swimming pool and Jung Joon-Hyung jumps into the pool to save her. I thought this drama was very sweet and refreshing, and I liked all the pairings. The friendships were also great and the actor playing Nan Hee is really starting to grow on me (I'm sad Hye-Jung never seems to get the guy though). It depicts the reality of life which makes it refreshing.I’ve also never been attracted to any of my girlfriends’ brothers, so I’ve avoided that conflict altogether.

But I would imagine that if I thought very highly of both my brother and my best friend, why would I have an issue with them dating?Make sure the guy in question actually likes you as much as you like him. If you both decide this is something you want to pursue, don’t sneak behind anyone’s back.Make sure you talk to your bestie first to see how they feel about the possibility of you two dating.Not that you need permission, but definitely consider their feelings and their point of view.If your friend thinks it’s a bad idea, ask why and really listen to the answer.The handkerchief is very important to him and he begins looking for it. It might have a simple story, but I really love the main characters chemistry and the way they made me laugh so hard.