Dating my blood related cousin updating driving license

" Ummmm and weren't the Royals a pretty sickly bunch, once upon a time, because of thin gene pool? The rules on this sort of thing are much more easy-going in that part of town. I guess we normally use breeding as a term to describe altering a bloodline to get a specific trait.

How true this is I am not sure, studies are studies.

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It was the same last name as my grandmother's, the last name is unique to the region, and french out of Quebec.

Now I am sure we are related some place going back, 3, 4th, or even 5th cousins.

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If some of those shared genes are recessive (meaning unexpressed) there is a 1 out of 4 chance the child will inherit the active gene.

Recent scientific studies said that even if the two people were cousins that there should be no birth defects.

If you are not related by blood, you are not actually cousins.

Many people will refer to them as cousins, but unless you share a common grandparent (or some level of great grandparent), you are not really cousins.

What's also interesting is that no-one objects to ethnically close persons having sex or producing offspring, yet we know that within certain ethnic groups the risk of certain diseases is a lot higher than within other ethnic groups and that "inter-breeding" with other ethnic groups is the only way to "cure" thesediseases. Yet I still haven't heard anyone express a negative opinion of that "inbred" Albert Einstein who married his first cousin and was the offspring of two first cousins. Not far from here there is a franco canadien community where there have been several close blood marriages over the years.