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” We simply cannot point to the report of a human skull found in so-called Tertiary brown coal in Germany, for there is no definitive scientific report available on this object, even though its existence has been verified by the staff of the Mining Academy in Freiberg.(3) If it is a coalified human skull, how is it possible to distinguish it from a clever carving in such a way that it becomes conclusive proof?Even if it were demonstrated as genuine, are we sure that the Tertiary brown coal in question was a Flood stratum?

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For example, there's only one Stegosaurus skull that has been found, and many of the horse species are each represented by only one specimen of one tooth!

(8) In any regional area where vertebrate fossils are found, there is a general tendency for these land animals to be higher up in the rock strata sequence on top of the strata containing marine organisms.

Perhaps the fossilized human skeletons that come closest to having been pre-Flood humans buried in Flood strata are those skeletons found at Moab, Utah (USA).(5) In a copper mine there, two definitely human skeletons were found in Cretaceous “age” sandstone (supposedly more than 65 million years old), the bones still joined together naturally and stained green with copper carbonate.

While many regard these bones as recently buried, there still remains the remote possibility that they are pre-Flood human “fossils”.

We can only concur that there is no definite unequivocal evidence of human remains in those rock strata that can definitely be identified as Flood sediments. But some clues to unraveling this puzzle emerge on investigation.

Let's begin by considering the nature of the fossil record.So comparatively speaking there are very, very few amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal fossils, yet so much is often made of them.For example, the number of dinosaur skeletons in all the world's museums (both public and university) totals only about 2,100.(7) Furthermore, of this 0.25% of the fossil record which is vertebrates, only 1% of that 0.25% (or 0.0025%) are vertebrate fossils that consist of more than a single bone!For example, shallow marine organisms/ ecological zones would be the first destroyed by the fountains of the great deep breaking open, with the erosional runoff from the land due to the torrential rainfall concurrently burying them.On this basis then we would probably not expect to find human remains in the early Flood strata, which would contain only shallow marine organisms.(Merely finding rock around an implement does not prove it is pre-Flood.) For example, it has been claimed that a gold chain was found in black coal.(2) However, the artifact evidently was exhibited as a clean gold chain with no coal clinging to it, so we see no evidence that the chain was actually found in the coal, just the claim that it was.