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A social bottom line was the original impetus for the microfinance revolution, but it was an increasingly stronger financial bottom line that fueled it.

Non-governmental organizations offering microfinance services began to transform into for-profit licensed financial institutions and commercial banks started to develop their own micro-finance arms, motivated by corporate social responsibility and increasingly as part of their core business strategy as well.

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Introduction of quartz watch powered by the wearer's movement, requiring no batteries. SEIKO serves as Official Timer of World Cup Football Championships in Italy.Introduction of world's first intelligent analogue quartz watch with alarm, chronograph and timer functions controlled by an IC "computer on a chip 1990Major associated companies overseas begin to use the SEIKO name. Introduction of the Seiko "The Age of Discovery" collection.The best way to buy any old or vintage watch is through a reputable dealer, particularly if a large investment is being made.An old watch can be an excellent time keeper and represent a sound investment.There are a number of old Seiko watches that represent world firsts.

These include: With such a wide range of different types and styles of old Seiko watches to choose from, picking the right style and functionality can be difficult.

The best way to buy an old or vintage Seiko watch is to determine the functions that are important to you and identify the reasons why you are buying an old watch.

Collectors, for instance, have very different needs than someone who is interested in the styling or design of a watch.

Other trend-setting, multi-functional watches by Seiko include the Perpetual Calendar series which automatically reset their date settings for the next 100 years; the Chronograph collection with dual stopwatch features; the Le Grande Sport series, a classic combination of contemporary European design and functionality; and the Ladies Jewelry collection, an elegant marriage of versatility and style. SEIKO serves as Official Timer of World Cup Football Championships in Argentina.

Introduction of world's first very-fine adjusted ultra-accurate Twin Quartz watch, with less than five seconds deviation per year.1988Introduction of quartz watch with sweep second hand.

Microfinance was born out of an impulse by social entrepreneurs and development practitioners (and others, including self-help groups of poor people themselves) who wanted to do something about the lack of access to affordable and reliable financial services (especially loans) by the poor.