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In the Arab world, anti-Jewish incitement continued in parallel with the Oslo process.

The beginning of violent European anti-Semitism is often traced to the Crusades at the end of the eleventh century.

Many classic anti-Semitic prejudices are currently widespread in European society, while new ones are developing rapidly.

The Netherlands provides one of many examples, including in regard to Anne Frank's memory.Twentieth-century Europe was a continent where a war criminal or a mass murderer had a better chance to survive than a Jewish child.That many Europeans condemn, dislike, or are indifferent to anti-Semitism does not contradict its role in European culture, as statements of European politicians, the mainstream media, and leading intellectuals prove.Also, various types of anti-Semitic sentiments are expressed in polls.In the meantime there are increasing indications that the European battle against anti-Semitism may be used, to the contrary, to facilitate attacks on Israel.

A substantial number of Europeans hold anti-Semitic opinions.The resurgence of European anti-Semitism after the Holocaust suggests that it has deep roots in society.It has been fostered in a great variety of ways by so many, for such a long time, in all European countries that one might consider this form of hate and discrimination as inherent to European culture and a part of European "values." New European anti-Semitism often originates from a young age, which indicates that it is an anti-Semitism of the future rather than of the past.Simultaneously it also serves as fireman, trying to quench the flames of classic religious and ethnic anti-Semitism. Although European anti-Semitism cannot be eradicated, certain steps can be taken to mitigate it.This requires a major change in discriminatory EU policies toward Israel.The statistics would probably reveal that the number of European anti-Semites far exceeds those who like ballet. What more could and can we do to fight anti-Semitism? He asserted that when civilizations clash, Jews die.