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You delicately shovel caviar into your mouth from well manicured fingertips, and sip a glass of champagne.Your antique clock strikes seven — it’s time to meet your gentlemen friend for dinner.But here’s the thing — I’ve been on the hunt for a secondary source of income for a while now.

Brooke did not respond, although I'm sure she saw it. I spent weeks negotiating, but not one woman was so inclined to go on a first date for my lowball offer. Lesson learned: you need to be serious if you want to win someone over.

I sent another offer to a nice-looking woman named Bea who lived near me. So I amped my price up to and sent offers to a dozen women. It was almost refreshing to see women value themselves so highly and not just jump at the first dude with a profile.

A week earlier, I decided to go onto as per my friend’s recommendation (“You have to do it, I made so much money”), on a quest to find money without really doing anything.

It’s a dating site which, according to its own about page, allows users to use a “cash incentive to get a first date with anyone”.

Let’s see how many people are willing to hire me to watch their kids after I publish this article.

All dating apps and websites have their intricacies and quirks, but they boil down to a singular concept: liking or not liking someone based on a short bio and handful of pictures. Then there’s Whats Your Price, a date-auction website that I just had to try out for myself.According to the woman in the article, Rose Clifford, she’s earning more than ,800 a year by going on dates with CEOs, directors, and other high-flying, career oriented and terribly lonely kinds of guys.“Each time we met he gave me 0 and if I ever needed money whilst he was away he would transfer me 5,” she says of one of her regulars.“Usually men offer 0 to 0 per date,” — BUT, get this — “I’ve had offers of .50 before.” That’s not even worth the makeup you’d put on.Now, usually, this would just be something I would read, laugh at and then forget.I started out confident and opened up an Attractive profile. For starters, 55% of Whats Your Price's users are from the US (it's currently available in 135 countries) and only 6% are in Canada (where I'm located).I filled out all the necessary fields and attached a nice (shirtless, of course) picture of myself. Furthermore, the number of Generous female users makes up a tiny fraction of the site's profiles.The balance of power was so skewed in that moment, and I realized how badly I wanted to be 20, doing 20-year-old things, not having lunch in a public place where I was sure a friend’s dad would approach me.