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In the past the operating system was named after big cats: Leopard, Jaguar, Lion, but in recent years the names have been borrowed from Californian landmarks.Well, we now know that Apple has chosen to name the next version of mac OS after Mojave, the desert.(Read all about how to join the Public Beta program so that you can download and install Mojave on your Mac).

At least we hope that will be the case - if you are like us, frequently dropping something on to your desktop so you can find it to email it, or edit it, you may be wondering if shuffling it away into a stack is the solution you are looking for, but we will wait and see.You can read about how to use Desktop Stacks here, we also have this article explaining how to get Desktop Stacks and Dynamic Desktop now.Apple showcased some changes to the Desktop that are coming in mac OS Mojave.One change that will help Mac users keep their desktop clutter-free is Desktop Stacks.Apple has announced that the next version of mac OS - mac OS 10.14 - will be given the name Mojave.

Apple has now made the Mojave public beta available to download so, if you are signed up to the Public Beta program you can start trying out the new features.One thing is for sure - that's the Spanish J, so if you aren't a Spanish speaker, read: H.There are a number of new features coming to the next version of mac OS.Currently you can see Finder items as icons, in a list, in columns or as Cover Flow.The new Gallery view looks like a reworking of the Cover Flow view.In particular, Apple appears to have focused on enhancing the Finder and Quick Look.