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I have done two ozone therapy treatments at a doctor's office so far. Try looking up "Jazzy E" posts or look up "ozone therapy".Her last ever post on here indicated she actually tested negative.

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It just tells you the very basic stuff about herpes.

You need to dig deeper by knowing better key words to search for.

Hey Oceanus, I read about your recent experiment with ozone and your posts on it....... I would like to try this therapy at know about the home self therapy ?

I also read online that 4-6 weeks with ozone therapy may eradicate the virus from the body....... How much would it cost, is it safe and how is the ozone administered ?

I have been getting constant OBs that tend to heal fast, but then another one of these annoying sores or blisters will pop up.....

and it is not like I am leading an unhealthy lifestyle....fact quite the contrary.....All these techniques are ages old as practiced by ancient Eastern civilizations but they also are implying the same thing.....ability of oxygen to cure ! I have decided that I will somehow rid myself of this plague..there has got to be a way......You see ,for most of the past year, I have been in the same boat as you.......The brand of generator I saw advertised online that you can buy your own from is called Longevity.It's the same brand my doctor uses, so I know it's a good choice.I would love to learn more from you on this and please keep us posted on how your own treatment goes with this..... It seems like a lot of people on here are begging for sympathy and help, but not doing much to help themselves.