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Author has written 47 stories for Inuyasha, Gundam Wing/AC, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, X-Men, X-overs, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Hellsing, Twilight, Final Fantasy VII, Gravitation, Peacemaker Kurogane, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Final Fantasy IX, Skip Beat! I write stories that deal keenly with human emotion or smut. I currently have quite a bit on my plate with a full time job, school, and a crap ton of stories that need to be reconstructed or finished but I am trying to my hardest to get everything in order. I was given some lovely Fanart and everyone should look at them and love them. (:rs: I adore my readers and reviewers and appreciate those that have followed my writings loyally through out the years. X3 While trying to find a place in the modern world, Kagome accepts an invitation to live with her biological father, Morinozuka Akira., Gundam Seed, Kuroshitsuji, Avengers, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, and Sherlock. Even if I get a chapter out a day, it's still a lot for me to do and it burns me out. Currently, I'm working on the next chapter of ADLC. Though I am not a very nice person, if you reach out to be friend of contact me then I do the same in return. Naturally, he enrolls her in Ouran Academy where the wealthy and elite all await the 3rd Morinozuka sibling.

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Being 23 was too old for this kind of crap, she missed her old life in the past.Inn owner Inu Yasha Kasahara is finally satisfied with his life. Until the arrival of Kagome, half-frozen, partially clothed, and unconscious from a gunshot to the head. It was always a possibility that Jiraiya had fathered a few children in his travels.'Through Ages' was removed by FFN and can now be located on Eternal Destiny. You have all been wonderful and your reviews never fail to make me smile! (All chapters currently undergoing revision; 0/17 completed)Kagome gets more than enough attention on her first day at the super elite St.Midoriko Academy from all the students and a certain amber eyed fellow!After the well, it's no wonder that Kagome has so much time on her hands.

More than enough to share with her new friends and possibly potential lovers.

Trapped in world to peaceful to be real, away from the Feudal Era, Kagome thinks a a VRMMO is just a way to taste what had been. Kagome never expected her young wish to suddenly come true years after she made it. What's even more bothersome is the adept interest Undertaker has in her, much to her companion's ire. The perfect example: Meeting a certain Dixon, thus kicking off their whirlwind romance.

However, Kagome unexpectedly finds herself as one of the few survivors during the apocalypse.

He says she's interesting; what the hell kind of statement is that? THIS IS AN INU/KAG FIC DON'T GET DISCOURAGED BY LATER CHAPTERS IF YOU DECIDE TO READ.:)A collection of Kagome Higurashi one-shots, featuring guys from multiple Anime/TV shows/Movies, etc. Considered 'Complete,' but I'll keep adding chapters as I write them, so the rating may change. Latest installment: Owen Grady (Jurassic World)I: Until he fell down the well and 500 years into the past, Inuyasha didn't believe in legends.

His beliefs were challenged when he found himself in a world in which said legends are reality. He wants to leave that world behind, while it is unwilling to let him go.

The very same boy who Kagome goes to school with... She was use to living on the edge and fighting for her life on a daily basis.