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In fact as I taped it I have managed to enjoy it time and time again. Especially calling in at interesting homes and meeting interesting people along the way. the song was something about going to the river or down to the river.

I gather 'Three Men In a Boat' was a repeat, I missed it first time around, I thought in was an excellent programme and it made my laugh til I cried, if it was rerun for the 3rd time I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again. My mother and I watched the first episode of the program last night and found it very funny and enjoyable.

Every house is smothered in roses, and now, in early June, they were bursting forth in clouds of dainty splendour.If you stop at Sonning, put up at the "Bull," behind the church.Kanayo, Pastor Chris, Beautiful Pictures, Zaravibes, Gossip Mill Nigeria, Desmond Elliot, Figaro Casting Agency, Hawa Barry Diallo - Guinean Queen, Aliexpress Shopping, Aisha's Salon, Inspire Uplift, Pro Model Africa, Images Fotos & Entertainment, Diamond Celebrities, My family is my Pride, Ken Erics Ugo, Mercy Johnson, Salone Celebrity Shout Outs, World Possible, Women's Health UK, Anna Grace Taylor, Valuable Information, Christian Rider Ministry, Wedding Digest Nigeria, Women's Health, Lifestyle News, Pregnancy magazine, Fashionforchurch, Fans Of, TONTO W. DIKEH, African Entertainment, Editorial Piedrecita, Partha Nandi, MD, Africa 54, Hope with God, Right for Education, The Dollar Store Freetown, BBC Media Action Sierra Leone, Harvard Medical School, Yulisa, FCA Finn Church Aid, China Xinhua News, Missnak Designs, Jesus Daily, Kansiime Anne / Entertainer, Sierra Entertainment Media, Dr.Paul Enenche, I ♥ Muhammad, Angela Okorie, Stephanie Okereke, PASTOR E. We caught a breeze, after lunch, which took us gently up past Wargrave and Shiplake.

Mellowed in the drowsy sunlight of a summer's afternoon, Wargrave, nestling where the river bends, makes a sweet old picture as you pass it, and one that lingers long upon the retina of memory.

It is fantastic to finally see Rowing taken seriously by a television company. The BBC have not only produced a programme about a little of the history of rowing with this programme and the Viking Boat Race, but are also televising some of the World Rowing Championships this week. Thouroughly enjoyed it, all the men in the boat were well chosen and really funny. Is there any chance it might be shown again, if so on what channel? From this programme, I am now looking into going on the journey myself (except without the dog)great tv! How can I find out the name of the music and artist in part 2?

Thank you Three men in a boat: I loved this programme. I loved Griff (the mummy of the group) and their antics. enjoyed it emmensly, more programmes like this would be good! The song was gospel and came in after the visit to the Church and was playing during a over head view of the river.

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In later years, Reading seems to have been regarded as a handy place to run down to, when matters were becoming unpleasant in London.