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Prostatitis is any form of inflammation of the prostate gland.Because women do not have a prostate gland, it is a condition only found in men, although women do have microscopic paraurethral Skene's glands connected to the distal third of the urethra in the prevaginal space that are homologous to the prostate, and may cause symptoms.

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This can be a medical emergency in some patients and hospitalization with intravenous antibiotics may be required.A full blood count reveals increased white blood cells.Urology is the field of medicine that focuses on the urinary tracts of males and females, and on the reproductive system of males.In men, the urinary system overlaps with the reproductive system, and in women the urinary tract opens into the vulva.Urologists are also involved in the assessment and treatment of incontinence.

Urodynamics is the study of the pressure within the urinary system and urologists often use diagnostic techniques such as flow cystometry or ambulatory urodynamic profiles to determine the best method of treatment for the patient. oxybutynin or multiple alpha-blockers) or surgical intervention (e.g. Consumers' Research Council of America has compiled a list of Urologists throughout the United States by utilizing a point value system.The discipline combines management of medical (i.e., non-surgical) problems such as urinary infections, and surgical problems such as the correction of congenital abnormalities and the surgical management of cancers.Such abnormalities within the genital region are called genitourinary disorders.The prostate is a male reproductive organ which helps make and store seminal fluid.In adult men a typical prostate is about three centimeters long and weighs about twenty grams.Androgens include testosterone, which is made in the testes; dehydroepiandrosterone, made in the adrenal glands; and dihydrotestosterone, made in the prostate itself.