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When the Ancient Romans conquered the area, they established the provinces of Pannonia and Noricum and present-day western Slovenia was included directly under Roman Italia as part of the X region Venetia et Histria.

The Romans established posts at Emona (Ljubljana), Poetovio (Ptuj) and Celeia (Celje), and constructed trade and military roads that ran across Slovene territory from Italy to Pannonia.

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Historically, the current territory of Slovenia was part of many different state formations, including the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, followed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.In 1918, the Slovenes exercised self-determination for the first time by co-founding the internationally unrecognized State of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs, which merged with Kingdom of Serbia into Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (in 1929 renamed into Kingdom of Yugoslavia).The consolidation and formation of these historical lands took place in a long period between the 11th and 14th centuries, being led by a number of important feudal families, such as the Dukes of Spannheim, the Counts of Gorizia, the Counts of Celje and finally the House of Habsburg.In a parallel process, an intensive German colonization significantly diminished the extent of Slovene-speaking areas; by the 15th century, the Slovene ethnic territory was reduced to its present size.In the transition period between the Bronze age to the Iron age, the Urnfield culture flourished.

Archeological remains dating from the Hallstatt period have been found, particularly in southeastern Slovenia, among them a number of situlas in Novo Mesto, the "Town of Situlas".

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A pierced cave bear bone, dating from 43100 ± 700 BP, found in 1995 in Divje Babe cave near Cerkno, is possibly the oldest musical instrument discovered in the world.

In 2002, more than 4,500 years old remains of pile dwellings were discovered in the Ljubljana Marshes, now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Ljubljana Marshes Wooden Wheel, the oldest wooden wheel in the world.

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