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My mother has recently attended counseling with me and after she realized I still hadn't changed my mind about him she told me that she was done with me and will not talk to me anymore.

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Let her know that a partner who truly loves and respects her will want to spend time with her family -- provided the family treats him well -- then proceed to treat him well.You might have to be nice through your teeth, but chances are the loser won't want to spend much time in your presence anyway.Talk to your teen about what constitutes a healthy relationship.Explain to her that someone who really loves a partner doesn't talk down to her, pressure her to do acts that make her uncomfortable, leave her if she says no to sex or ask her to cut off her friends.I sat and listened, held space for her, and then gave her many resources and contacts so she could get help; but all the while I knew that her shame was a direct result of her perceptions of maternal judgment and that that would remain a big obstacle for her. When she meets a sexy older guy, attracted to his independence, she begins to spread her wings.

Parents of teens are constantly trying to maintain the delicate balance of keeping the lines of communication open — and instilling good values in their kids. Your kids need every opportunity to do this and to clarify their own needs, interests, values and priorities in intimate relationships. So, she was hesitant to tell her mother anything and worried about needing health care and medication.

Take her to a family and relationship counselor who can discuss strategies for spotting and breaking free of abuse, while still treating her like an adult and respecting her right to make her own decisions. Becker often writes for "Yoga in Astoria," a newsletter about studios throughout New York City.

Find out what it is about this new person that they are attracted to. All of this was a far cry from the upper middle class suburb of Cleveland where I was raised.

If he's really a jerk, other people who love her will let her know, and it might mean more coming from her peers than from you.

Seek the help of a trained mental health worker if you believe your daughter is being abused physically, emotionally or sexually. Becker is a certified yoga teacher based in Queens, N. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years.

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